Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Utilize Your CRM Database for Better Customer Loyalty

Your CRM database isn’t there just to help you make sales; it can also be of use in keeping your current customers completely loyal.

If you are focused on using your CRM database exclusively as a sales tool, you’re missing out on its potential for marketing to your existing customers. More marketing departments are beginning to focus on better customer service to help improve customer loyalty, which is an effort that has tremendous potential when carried out correctly.

We all know that it’s easier and cheaper to market to existing customers than it is to new customers. However, not everyone realizes how valuable the CRM database is in catering to existing customers, furthering relationships with them and all but guaranteeing a fruitful interaction for years to come.

Are you taking a systematic approach to giving your current customers everything they require to pledge their loyalty and return business to you? Digging into your CRM database and extracting valuable information about the habits of your customer base can assist you in this systematic approach, which research shows can increase your revenue by around 20 percent on average.

You might be thinking the responsibility of building relationships with customers is that of the sales department or perhaps your service team. Regardless of the fact that your sales reps spend a lot of face time with customers, your marketing team has the CRM database at their fingertips and more time to focus on the research that the sales team offers you.

The sales rep is definitely a big part of the process. It’s the rep who enters the information about the customer that helps you determine when and how they like to be contacted, what products they prefer, how often they buy and how much they spend. If your sales reps aren’t providing this information, it’s probably because your CRM reporting process is flawed.

If you know your sales reps well, you have already determined that they aren’t the best at toiling with paperwork, especially the sales reports that can be rather time consuming and difficult to navigate within most CRM solutions. Granted, most vendors don’t have the sales department in mind when they create their solutions, particularly with the reporting tools.

What you need is a solution that allows your sales reps to quickly and easily enter their sales information. When your sales managers are armed with information about their sales reps, which they gain through regular reports, they can get more out of their one-on-one training sessions to address areas where improvement can be made.

Front Row Solutions has created a mobile application that allows you to harness the power of your CRM while giving your sales reps the mobility they need and a reporting method that allows them to send reports in 30 seconds or less. The solution also includes a camera tool that has a variety of uses in sales reports, from sending pictures of contracts to vice presidents to pictures of displays that need attention to the service department. Whatever the ultimate goal, Front Row has you covered. To learn how this solution can impact your sales team and drive loyalty, give us a call today.

Friday, April 18, 2014

iOS CRM App For Anywhere Anytime Data

Customer relationship management solutions have many uses, but traditionally, it’s viewed as the best possible way to manage contacts, execute lead tracking and offer customer service support. As society has become increasingly mobile, CRM is evolving to fit the mobile environment.

The iOS CRM app is developed to give your mobile salesforce a new set of tools to use in the field; tools that bring vital services to the entire enterprise. Using tablets and smartphones with app installed, your sales reps can gain access to the enterprise CRM.

Mobile CRM’s Slow Evolution
In the days before the smartphone sales reps would have to report back to the office to enter their sales data into computers. Now, with the advent of the iOS CRM app, sales reps can stay in the field and maintain total access to the information they need in the enterprise CRM. They’re also able to communicate all the sales data that your company needs to track how the customer base is behaving and how your sales reps are performing.

The days of CRM being exclusively about contact management and lead generation are long gone. Sure, these remain important aspects of the enterprise’s CRM, but the CRM solution and the iOS CRM app are offering you more customer-centric options.

Mobile technology entered the business world in 1999 when BlackBerry dropped its email pager. By the end of 2003 many mobile businessmen and women had a BlackBerry phone in their pockets. Despite the rich history of the smartphone, it wasn’t until recently that CRM took off for mobile devices.

Mobile CRM saw a massive gain in 2013 with more vendors offering iOS CRM apps that companies could integrate with their enterprise CRM. It might have been a slow start, but many vendors are developing tools to meet the many needs of organizations in many industries.

What are Sales Departments Gaining With Mobile CRM Solutions?
Research suggests that most sales teams work less than 60 percent of the time they’re on the clock. With that statistic in mind, companies have a lot to gain from the mobile CRM app if it can improve work processes. Looking at the sales department exclusively, research shows that it is one of the most expensive components of any organizations. It’s puzzling to think that despite this expense, most CRM vendors cater to other departments.

Companies need to communicate better across departments, enhance their marketing efforts and improve their corporate strategies. This all can be done with a robust iOS CRM app. When sales reps report their sales on a daily basis from the field via their iOS CRM app, the information can be used at many levels in the company, but the bottom line is that this information gives insights to the customer base.

Utilizing Front Row’s Mobile Solution
Front Row Solutions developed its mobile app to help the salesforce easily and effectively report its sales information. However, Front Row has gone a step further than most vendors not only by catering to the salesforce, but by adding a camera tool to the mobile app. Sales reps can take photos on their smartphones that can be included in the sales report. Depending on the nature of the photo, automated messages go out to the appropriate departments at the office.

Companies need more value out of their mobile solutions and Front Row is here to offer that value, providing you with the tools you need to produce the results you want.

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

4 Reasons to Invest in Sales Force Automation

Sales force automation tools are giving companies a boost in conversions while lowering the sales cycle duration. When used properly, sales force automation tools will offer an excellent return on investment through bringing enhancements to your sales department.

Let’s look at some benefits companies see when they adopt sales force automation.

1. Time Consuming Tasks Now Take a Fraction of the Time
There are aspects of the sales reps’ job that involves a very personal approach. It’s this approach that makes the sales rep such a valuable member of any enterprise. However, there are a number of tasks that are mind-numbing but still important. For instance, tracking contacts, shooting out follow-up emails and scheduling appointments are all very important aspects of the job, but take up a good deal of time. When adopting a sales force automation solution, you can do all of these impersonal tasks very quickly and very easily.

Generating estimates is also a time-consuming task that almost every sales rep needs to take time to do. Sales automation tools enable the rep to make these estimates rather quickly, which means sales proposals come around sooner and leads to your sales cycle duration being reduced.

2. Manage Your Sales Team with More Efficiency
Sales managers that lead successful sales teams spend a lot of time training. These managers are armed with information about the performance of their sales reps, which gives them fodder for training. Sales automation tools give sales managers insights, like sales figures, complaints from customers, time spent per call, the outcome of each call and how the call was made – email, face-to-face, etc.

When you are using sales force automation, you’ll have the equipment you need to develop your reps’ regions with more efficiency. You should have all the information to get these regions right the first time, but if something seems out of the ordinary, you can use your sales force automation tools to gain access to the information you need to determine why the rep is underperforming in that region.

3. Customer Service Gets a Boost
Many industries are embracing customer-centric business practices to retain their current customer base and attract new streams of revenue. Sales force automation can be of assistance in this endeavor. Sales force automation can be used to handle questions and/or complaints and reduce the number of dissatisfied customers. Automation helps tie all departments together and deliver complaints to the right person so the issue can be resolved.

4. Increase Profits
Your sales force needs to be free of cumbersome reporting tools that take time away from what they do best – make money for you. Too many CRM solutions offer mobile CRM tools that are too time consuming for most sales reps to consider using. Front Row Solutions has developed a mobile app that gives your reps the ability to fire off a sales report in seconds. With Front Row’s automated solutions, your reps can focus more time on your customer base and less on “paperwork.”

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

How to Use Your CRM Software and CRM Tools to Reach New Growth

When you consider the projected growth of customer relationship management solutions, which could hit $36.5 billion in three years, there is no denying the important role that CRM software and CRM tools continue to play across many industries.

The growth spurt might seem puzzling considering that most organizations aren’t realizing the full potential of their CRM software and CRM tools. By some accounts, only one-third of companies say they are getting the kind of customer conversion numbers they had hoped to attain with their CRM software and CRM tools.

Big Data Plays a Key Role
Just about every action we make online is recorded and stored somewhere, which explains why datacenters are bursting at the seams. Most of us don’t even think about it anymore, but those who do are probably hoping that the organizations that analyze the data are using it to make better products and provide better services. You should think the same about your CRM software. It should play a key role in collecting data using as much automation as possible and giving you the tools to provide reports that result in actionable information.

Unfortunately, less than 40 percent of organizations have the CRM systems that will allow them to integrate data between departments, which makes coming together as an enterprise nearly impossible. Even fewer organizations have the software that enables them to gain real-time insights.

Using Mobile and Social Strategies Together
Your approach to your CRM should be flexible enough to allow for changes. Certainly, your company has invested some time and money in establishing a social media presence. Your salesforce is also a very mobile group, which means your CRM should also have embraced mobile technology by now. There is not doubt that integration of mobile technology and social media has been a challenge for many companies, but its importance can’t be understated.

Social media can provide insights that weren’t easy to get before Facebook, Twitter and various other social sites evolved. Organizations that have had success in integrating social media with their CRM started with a well-planned out script of expectations and goals.

Playing to the Strengths of the Sales Rep
The best CRM software and tools consider every department in the company. However, many CRM vendors neglect to take into account the important data that can be gained from sales reps. More importantly, the CRM vendors fail to give sales reps the right tools for the job. The salesforce is engaging in interaction with the customer base, from face-to-face conversation to email exchange to phone calls. There is a multitude of data that can be gained from sales reps.

Using Front Row’s Mobile Solution
Front Row Solutions realizes that your sales department needs the right tools for the job, which is why it has developed a mobile solution that is built on the specifications of the sales reps. If your organization isn’t seeing the conversion rates it expected to see, consider the Front Row solution where you’ll gain more access to the data that can help you make better decisions and see more profits.

Friday, April 4, 2014

SFA: How Do Mobile Apps Help Improve Sales?

Salesforce automation, or SFA, is getting a lot of attention now as companies look to their CRM to improve revenues. CRM can help you see patterns in the behavior of your customer base. These insights, which come in the form of a multitude of data, are now being mined through SFA in mobile CRM apps. Some companies are investing heavily in SFA and mobile CRM apps and they’re seeing a strong positive return on those investments.

What’s SFA All About?
Thanks to advancements in technology and software development, tasks that once took the salesforce hours a week to complete can now be accomplished through the SFA processes in a fraction of the time. You can now gain access to software that will let you know the exact status of your inventory, how many customer complaints you’ve received and which department should address the issue. You can also see the sales ratio of your salesforce, the length of each and every sales call and many other aspects of your sales department – all through SFA.

Gaining Efficiency
SFA and mobile apps help you achieve what you’re always trying to achieve – efficiency. You want to save money and you can do that by saving time. Your marketing team and sales reps might be shoving gigabytes of data your way, but without efficient tools for analysis, you’re not going to get anything out of that data. Using SFA, you’re more likely to break that data down into actionable information. Furthermore, if you were to take the time to manually process the information, you’re introducing the probability of human error, which can corrupt your data. SFA is a quick and clean way to ensure you’re gaining efficiencies that improve sales.

SFA and Mobility
The salesforce has always been a mobile unit, however, CRM hasn’t always been friendly when it comes to sales reps and their mobile habits. More mobile apps are making their way into the CRM solution, making it easier for the salesforce to utilize CRM and for sales managers to gain insights from the information provided by the salesforce.

Sales reps are using mobile apps as the front end to the company’s CRM, enabling them to execute many tasks that are usually tackled at the desk where the laptop or desktop resides. Instead of the hefty desktop or bulky laptop, sales reps are using their smartphones and tablet computers to gain the mobility they need to do their jobs.

Front Row Solutions and the Mobile App
Front Row Solutions developed the fastest and easiest sales reporting tool on the market so your sales reps can achieve mobility and generate reports that help improve sales. Front Row offers a multitude of tools in our mobile app, but don’t be intimidated. We know your sales staff doesn’t have time for extensive training so we made the tools extremely easy to use. Get connected today and start realizing the potential of SFA and the Front Row Solutions’ mobile app.